Our objective is to examine how health care financing mechanisms can be combined and implemented to strengthen levels of cross-subsidy in favour of the poorest.

CREHS work in this area involves three main topics:

  • Benefit/financing incidence analysis of public programmes
  • Supplier responses to health financing changes
  • Household responses to ill-health and risk protection mechanisms

Some research studies have been launched:

India Conducting studies of the benefit incidence of public health care spending in Tamil Nadu and Orissa States, and of the Employees State Insurance Scheme in Tamil Nadu State.

Nigeria Studying the benefit and financing incidence of health financing mechanisms in Enugu and Anambra States

Kenya Looking at a pilot project which provides direct funding to health facilities through bank accounts

Thailand Examination of provider responses to Universal Coverage

Substantial progress has also been made with CREHS related work.

The South Africa Costs and Coping (SACOCO) study was completed in 2007. This examined poor households ability to cope with the cost burdens of ill-health, how the health system shapes their health-seeking behaviour and treatment strategies, and the resources used by poor households in tackling barriers to care.

Our Tanzanian and South African partners continue to be involved in the EU-funded SHIELD project which examines the role of social health insurance in South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana.


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The Implementation and Effects of Direct Facility Funding in Kenya's Health Centres and Dispensaries
Opwora A, Kabare M, Molyneux S, Goodman C.
CREHS research report, April 2009

Financing Kenyan health centres and dispensaries: exploring the implementation and effects of direct facility funding
Opwora A, Kabare M, Molyneux S and Goodman C.
CREHS policy brief, May 2009








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